Church of the Lord of Glory has been raised by God to minister to those whom satan has drawn into bondage through various addictions. The primary call of the ministry is to all whom the Lord brings, from the universal church, the neighborhood, or the street, making disciples of all who come, equipping and training them for the ministry and helping them find their role in the Body of the Lord. The ministry serves the Body across all denominational and independent lines. The emphasis is on healing those who are oppressed of the devil and helping bring them into union with the only true God, and with Jesus Christ, that He may lead them into His will for their lives and ministry. The thrust of the ministry is wide – and includes but is not limited to – the homosexual, the alcoholic, the drug addict, the sexually abused, the homeless, the poor, the physically abused, and, the rejected and forgotten. The Church is open to all who will come. Ministry to the sick and dying, and their families is provided as well as prison ministry. The Church of the Lord of Glory ministers all sacraments of the mainline evangelical Christian church.