Audio Teachings

Tuesday, September 22 – The Solemn Assembly in Joel

Wednesday, September 23 – I will not Smell in Your Solemn Assemblies

Sunday, September 27 – The Solemn Assembly, the Sacrifice, the Symbol, the Truth

Tuesday, September 29 – Acquit Yourselves as Penitent, Obedient Men and Women

Sunday, October 4 – The Devil has come down to Earth, Prepare to Fight or Die, Coverstone

Tuesday, October 6 – The Wolves of the Endtimes Church, Coverstone Vision

Wednesday, October 7 – True and False Prophets in these Last Days

Sunday, October 11 – Of Brokenness, Temptation, Affliction, and the Murder of Jesus

Tuesday, October 13 – Of Peace, Tribulation, and the Wrath of God

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